My Roles: Implemented Content & Site Transfer, New Theme, Developed Correspondent Plugin, Developed Photo Gallery Plugin
I was hired to come in after another company had built the initial site and add some functionality as well as transfer the site from Blogspot. Over the course of the project, I was involved with switching to a new theme and creating some advanced Wordpress plugins

The Playscapes project was originally a Blogspot blog featuring over 500 articles relating to non-commercial playground design and equipment. My first task was to transfer the site's content into a WordPress environment while maintaining the search engine rankings from Blogspot. I used a variety of Wordpress plugins to achieve this goal as well as some manual copy/pasting

I was then given the task of Implementing a design. This required that I take a PSD of the designer's concept and convert it into a usable Wordpress Theme

The site owner wanted a way to easily display multiple photos with minimal back-end effort. So I developed a plugin that would pull images that had simply been uploaded to a post. I then created a slider that moved in relation to the mouse position. Since the blog featured many many pictures, this cleaned up the post list and allowed the owner to simply upload and caption the images

The most challenging aspect of the project was to create a plugin that allowed "Playscape Correspondents" to create an account, and post articles about playgrounds in their region. It needed to be organized by country and the owner wanted to approve everything before it was published. The Correspondents also needed to be able to post to a global map. In the end, I created a stable, mini-facebook system that features each correspondent with their own profile.