Voice-Over for Ludum Dare 32

Published on 25th Apr, 2015

I'm lucky enough to have a brother who is a fantastic Software Engineer. He mainly puts his efforts into making video games and every now and then, I get to help him out.

For those of you who don't know, the Ludum Dare competition challenges game developers to make a game from scratch over the course of a weekend. For Ludum Dare 32 (April 17th - 20th) the theme was "Unconventional Weapon" and my brother put together an awesome game about a space trash-collector who would defend his equipment by dragging ships to the trash compactor.

You can see his entry into the competition here.

For this game, he decided he wanted some voice acting to add a bit of personality and polish. Since I do vocal work and audio editing on the side, I was lucky enough to be asked to record some voices.

After the initial submission of the game, my brother went through and polished up the intro sequence a bit. Below, you can see his handiwork and hear mine. I had a lot of fun recording the voice and mixing it to sound like distorted comm chatter (best viewed in HD).

I love getting to do fun stuff like that! I aspire to one day submit my own Ludum Dare entry...one day.

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