TV Shows Get Things Right Sometimes

Published on 3rd May, 2015

TV shows have always been terrible at portraying "hacking" correctly.

I'm serious.

Even if the dialogue of the scene is "possible" the screen they end up showing is usually ridiculous.

But I was recently impressed. I've been watching iZombie, a surprisingly entertaining show with a reanimated zombie name Liv. She happens to work in a morgue with an understanding doctor so brains are within easy reach for her. However, unlike the standard zombie fare, when Liv eats the brains of a person, she takes on their personality traits and gains some memories. In one episode, she eats the brains of a former hacker and computer troll who was murdered. As part of the investigation to find his killer, she and her cop friend are stonewalled by a stubborn doughnut shop owner who won't release his customer list. That's when Liv gets all techie. She goes to work on hacking the doughnut shop's database. She says "nothing a little SQL injection can't solve". Alright! 1 point. That's a real thing and a possible attack. Now, it's unlikely that they'd have their database accessible to the outside world but I am willing to let that slide. Mainly because of the intelligent use of terminology. She mentions that they are a "Mom & Pop" shop so it's possible their cousin set up their system and installed some remote access points to maintain things.

The really cool part came when they showed the screen: That's right! Actual MySQL connection code! They even are using Mysqli. I've no idea what CodeHit v.2.0 is, they took some creative freedom there, but again, that they tried that hard is worth overlooking something like that.

This pretty much made me like TV more. Keep on trucking're getting there.

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