Learn Node w/ Wes Bos - Excellent

Published on 10th Jun, 2017

Node.JS has been something of a puzzle to me. It seems to be really popular and modern but it's really hard to find consistent/up-to-date information about what it does and how it's used.

I'm a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to newer technologies in that I find most of them to be redundant and bring more learning curve to the table than they do actual solutions. I've had a project brewing in my mind for some time that would require websockets and I read repeatedly that Node.JS is perfect for such an application.

However, I could find very little in the way of reliable tutorials or information on how to even set up a production-ready Node server.

That's all changed now that everybody's favorite internet teacher has released his latest course. Learn Node by Wes Bos is (as those of you who have enjoyed his courses before will already know) incredibly detailed, well-laid out, professionally recorded, and chock-full of all the useful bits.

From basic setup to routing to MVC and beyond, Wes lays out everything in beautiful HD videos that are quick, to the point, and practical.

I'm already well on the way to getting my new project launch-ready (hopefully you'll read about it soon in future blog posts) and I can honestly say I'd never have made it without this course. It sounds like I'm being paid but I'm really not. I'm just a huge fan of Wes' work and would highly recommend any of his courses. Money. Well. Spent.

Happy coding everyone.

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