ConEmu - A Windows Staple

Published on 30th Oct, 2015

Using the command line in Windows is tough for a casual script-writer like myself. I find it tedious and I'm oh-so-slow. Over the years I've improved, certainly, but it's still something I'm trying to get "good" at doing.

I saw a veteran command-line user accomplish file copies, prints, database queries, and code base pushes within the span of 30 minutes and never once touching the mouse. Seeing that gave me a new appreciation for what can be accomplished with just a keyboard.

If you've ever used Terminal on a Mac (or interacted on the command line with most linux-based systems) you'll know that it's a bit tricky. However, going from a Unix environment to Windows cmd.exe program is almost torture. It's very limited and difficult to interact with. Yes, yes, call me a squishy/lazy/pampered/spoiled baby for not having all my bells and whistles but frankly, I like having tools that work for me, not ones I have to fight.

Enter ConEmu.

This program offers so many wonderful features.

  • Right-click pasting
  • Multiple panes
  • Hotkeys for all manner of things
  • Can run PuTTY
  • Full control over styling and appearance
  • Slide-down animation!

This gets it right. There are more settings on this thing than you could ever want. You can create your perfect, color-coded command line dream.

As of writing the program is still in active development. Download it and give it a shot. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Be sure to hit up the documentation for info on how to do all the cool things.

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