Canvas Rider

Published on 3rd Apr, 2014

It's the bane of my existence....

If you've never played Canvas Rider, you should, if nothing else the usage of the HTML5 Canvas is sweet. It's a simple game that allowed users to draw and upload maps that people would try to navigate the cyclist through. Some maps feature checkpoints so that when you crash, you can start at the checkpoint...

I've tried for months to beat this particular course. It features 100 jumps...with NO CHECKPOINTS! I've only gotten as far as jump 84. And this was after months of trying. I think you should try it. Let it mock you as it mocks me. The permanent bookmark to this track in my browser bar is a continual reminder of how many times I've failed...


This version of canvas rider is no longer active, in that users no longer submit tracks. It has been replaced with Free Rider 3 which is far less fun in my opinion.


Richard Cagle

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