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  • Needs-based Learning

    Published on 26th Feb, 2015 in "Ramblings"
    It's hard to teach yourself something. Regardless of your motivation, without outside influence/direction/advice learning a new subject is like attempting... Read On
  • My First Regular Expression

    Published on 27th May, 2014 in "PHP"
    It took a few years. But I finally gave in and started the process of learning regular expressions. It's confusing to say the least. BUT, putting in the time is well worth the effort. The need to match a pattern comes up so freque... Read On
  • Canvas Rider

    Published on 3rd Apr, 2014 in "Ramblings"
    It's the bane of my existence.... If you've never played Canvas Rider, you should, if nothing else the usage of the HTML5 Canvas is sweet. It's a simple game that allowed users to draw and upload maps that people would try to navigate the ... Read On
  • Creating a Site Poller

    Published on 24th Mar, 2014 in "PHP"
    We all want our sites and applications to be up all the time. It's the truth. However, life is hard and sites go down. It's not about if the site will go down it's about when and what procedures we have in place in that eventuali... Read On
  • Routing with Macaw

    Published on 4th Mar, 2014 in "PHP"
    Earlier in my PHP days, when I was still learning and rarely understood how things worked, I would always build my custom applications off of an existing platform. Joomla!, Wordpress, Codeigniter, I even spent a little time with Kohana. All of... Read On
  • Aloha.js - The Solution

    Published on 24th Jan, 2014 in "Javascript/jQuery"
    I owned my own business as a web developer for a few years. During that time I was repeatedly faced with clients who wanted to up... Read On
  • The Offensive 8 to 5

    Published on 24th Jan, 2014 in "Ramblings"
    I had a discussion with a group of friends this week and one of our talking points was "Our Careers". Now, I understand that this conversat... Read On
  • A Warm Greeting

    Published on 11th Jan, 2014 in "Ramblings"
    Salutations! I'm very excited to welcome you to my new site! I've had a lot of fun putting it together and have many more things planned. Aside from advertising myself, I wanted a place where I could give back to the community that... Read On